Snorri's Saga

Snorrastofa’s main space hosts the exhibition Snorri’s Saga. Guidance and information is available from staff.

The exhibition traces the life of Snorri Sturluson (1179-1241) in text and images; his environment and the era.

Pricelist for 2019 (pdf)



The Húsafell Stones

The cemetery had several gravestones –Húsafell Stones –carved by the descendants of Rev. Snorri Björnsson from Húsafell. The Húsafell Stones are unique and carved with hereditary skill and artistry. Most of them date from the late 19th Century and are exhibited in the visitors´ reception. There you will see the lives of Reykholt´s parishioners carved in the Húsafell Stones.

Pearls of Reykholtsdalur

A photography exhibition in the visitors’ reception by Guðlaugur Óskarsson. The photographs are of Reykholt and its surroundings. Postcards with Guðlaugur’s photographs of Reykholt have been made and are sold in the visitors’ reception.


Individuals 1.200 kr.

Groups (minimum 10 people) 1.000 kr.

Pricelist for 2019


With short guidance (10-15 min.) through exhibition, library and church 1.500 kr.

With longer guidance (30 min.) through exhibition, library and church 2.000 kr.

Visits from schools

The visitors’ reception often welcomes school groups and gives an introduction to Snorri Sturluson and his work. We will go for a walk around Reykholt and chat to the students along the way. Please book ahead on Tel. +354 433 8000 or via email:

Prices for school groups (minimum 10 in a group)

Primary and secondary schools 500 kr. per student

Colleges and further education 1.000 kr. per student, including an introduction.