Meeting and conference facilities

Snorrastofa has the following facilities for conferences and meetings:

-A conference and banquet hall, seating up to 100

-Three meeting rooms, seating 6-12

-Snorrastofa’s library, seating 50-60

-Parish- and exhibition hall – facilities to serve light refreshments.

Pricelist for accommodation (printable)

Conference and banquet hall in the old district school

The hall can accommodate up to 50 people sitting around tables but up to a 100 sitting in rows of chairs. The hall has a sound system, projector and a screen. It is well suited to parties and meetings. With light refreshments it can accommodate up to 130 people standing and if served at a table, up to 80 people.

Kitchen facilities are included. There is a fridge, cooker, oven, a large coffee maker and dishwasher. Crockery for teas/coffee and light refreshments for 80 people.

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The library can accommodate meetings for 12-15 sitting around a table or lectures or meetings for around 50 people. There is a sound system, projector and screen available.

Parish and exhibition hall

The parish and exhibition hall is on the lower ground floor, beneath Reykholt’s church. It hosts the exhibition Snorri Sturluson and his Time which Snorrastofa’s staff manages and provides guidance for. The hall is used for the guests of the church and Snorrastofa and is generally not hired out.

Facilities for smaller meetings and group work

The old district school has 4 rooms as well as studios with facilities for smaller meetings or group work, 4-10 people in each room. The meeting facilities can be hired with the studios. Four guests can be accommodated in the studios which come with bathrooms and two more in a guest room without a bathroom.

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Conference and banquet hall in the old district school

For 0-50 people with tables or rows of chairs 

1 day 35.000 kr.

Extra days 25.000 kr. per day

For 50-100 people without tables

1 day 40.000 kr.

Extra days 30.000 kr. per day

The hall, including kitchen facilities

For up to 130 people, standing

50.000 kr.

Up to 80 people sitting down for a banquet

60.000 kr.

Pricelist for accomodation (printable)

Meeting rooms in the old district school

Meeting rooms without overnight accommodation: 20.000 kr. per day

Meeting rooms (3) including overnight accommodation in both studios:

2 days (minimum) 50.000 kr.

Extra days 20.000 per day

Library (evening and weekends)

35.000 kr. per day

Pricelist for accomodation (printable)