The visitor’s reception has a shop with books, CDs and Icelandic handicraft. All proceeds go to the development of Reykholt by Snorrastofa and Reykholt’s church.

Books published by Snorrastofa

Product Categories


Jewellery made by Icelandic goldsmiths and craftspeople.

Including items that were specially designed for Snorrastofa by the jewelry brand Sign.



A good selection of books in several languages on Iceland; its people, customs and history.

Snorrastofa has also published several books on medieval studies.



CDs with Icelandic music and/or performed by Icelandic musicians.


The gift shop takes pride in offering souvenirs made in Iceland. Above you see a photo of bracelets made from bone, by Rita and Páll in Borgarnes.

Postcards and stamps

Postcards with pictures from every corner of Iceland as well as ones specifically from Reykholt and its surroundings.

Design and art

In the store you can find various gift merchandice from Icelandic designers and artists.

Aldís Einarsdóttir ceramicist and designer – Nánar

Jónas Bragi Jónasson glassartist – Nánar

Ríta og Páll í Grenigerði – Nánar